Children’s Corner

Children’s Corner

Claude Debussy is definitely one of the pioneers of modern music. His work, original, deep and innovative gives us a glimpse of all the music of the 20th century and his influence is still felt today.
In tribute to that great sound alchemist the quartet Too hot to hoot? decided to build a program around his piece Children’s Corner. This suite for solo piano was written almost 110 years ago and is dedicated to Debussy’s daughter Claude-Emma (Chouchou). Although its mood seems light and childlike, its six movements reflect all the genius of the composer, his humour, his poetry and his great expressiveness.
This work is arranged for saxophone, accordion, harp and percussion by the quartet in order to lend a new impetus with the present and original colours of the quartet.

Four new 10-minute works inspired by Debussy’s world are also commissioned in order to integrate a more contemporary aspect into the concert. Too hot to hoot? chose the Swiss composer Nicolas Von Ritter-Zahony, the French composer Ernest H. Papier and the Spanish composer Marc Garcia Vitoria to write those works.

Premiere: 15.06.2015 – L’Abri, espace culturel pour jeunes talents, Geneva (CH)

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) – Children’s Corner (1906-08, 16’)

arrangement for quartet by Too hot to hoot?

Marc Garcia Vitoria (*1985) – The Double C Project (2016, 12’)

for saxophone, accordion, harp and percussion

Ernest H. Papier – Sorry Tender (2016, 15’)

for saxophone, accordion, harp and percussion

Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony (*1986) – M. Croche (2016, 22’)

for saxophone, accordion, harp and percussion

French composer Achille Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918). Original Artwork: A lithograph by Dujardin after a photograph by Otto.   (Photo by Otto/Getty Images)


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