Metalliseos is a duo project for accordion and percussion, which is created in the idea of developping the repertoire for this specific instrumentation.

The biggest “reference” is probably the piece Metal Work, written by the finish composer Magnus Lindberg in 1984 in Berlin, which is a virtuose duo for its time, where the numerous metal percussion instruments (52 in total !) are melted into the complexe chords and fast lines of the accordeon.

The project Metalliseos (which is the finish word for alloy) is completely based on this piece. As a fact, a lot of the pieces composed with a large percussion set-ups are always complicated to program, and demand heavy logistical aspects, which are not always possible to organise.
One main idea of this duo program is to use one percussion set-up for all pieces. In this case, the original percussion set-up of Metal Work is taken as a reference for new commissions. Five new pieces have been then commissioned to composers Kevin Juillerat (CH), Benoît Moreau (CH), William Dougherty (USA), Cyrill Lim (CH) and Pasi Lyytikäinen* (FIN), regarding using only the instruments available in this percussion set-up.

These new pieces resonate then as different mirrors to Lindberg’s Metal Work. This project aims for two artistic and strategic points : by developping the duo repertoire for accordion and percussion, still too narrow today, and making possible to combine different pieces with large percussion set-ups. We hope that these ideas will give more possibilities to players who want to create programs « logistically reasonable » with accordion and percussion.

Premiere: 29.08.2015  – Filter4, Basel (CH)

* This piece will be premiered in september 2016, in the frame of the Pasimusic festival in Lapinlahti in Finland.


listen to the radio interview on Swiss radio RTS

Co-produced by Theâtre de L’Oriental, Vevey (CH)


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Today part of the 4tet, the finish accordionnist Sofia Ahjoniemi and the swiss percussionnist Julien Mégroz collaborate already as a duo since 2012.
In September 2013, they reached the final round and received the 4th price at the Nicati New Music Competition in Bern (CH). They have been working with the swiss composer Daniel Weissberg to create a new version of his piece « Schichtarbeit ». They also colaborated and worked with numerous musicians as Christian Dierstein, Marcus Weiss, Mike Svoboda, Jürg Henneberger and Stefan Hussong.