soft swinging

Soft Swinging…?

More than a concert, Soft Swinging… is a one-hour performance which explores the boundary between chamber music and theatre, and pushes back the limits of interpretation. The position of the musicians and their roles in a four-partner relationship are constantly questioned, and sometimes even compromised… The music ranges from drama to irony in an eccentric and naughty staging…

The program is built around two pieces which were composed by the founding fathers of New Music Theatre – the Argentinian composer Mauricio Kagel and the French composer and percussionist Jean-Pierre Drouet.
Each of their two duets evokes an impossible dialogue: between two non-supportive virtuosos in Drouet’s Clair-Obscur for accordion and percussion, and between men and women – respectively symbolised by saxophone and harp – in Kagel’s Zwei Akte. A variety of means are employed by the composers to set this drama to music, often exceeding the prudish limits of pure music…

Two new works complete the program. They are composed by the two swiss composers Julien Mégroz and Kevin Juillerat, also males of the quartet.
These two original pieces explore the relationship between the interpreter and its instrument. What would happen if the four musicians would decide to play at the same time on the same instrument? Or if they would begin exchanging their place?…

Premiere: 23.10.2015 – H95, Raum für Kultur, Basel (CH)

Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008) – Zwei Akte (1988/89, 30’)

grand duo for saxophone and harp

Kevin Juillerat (*1987) – Plaisirs peu solitaires (2015, 7’)

for four performers

Jean-Pierre Drouet (*1935) – Clair-Obscur (1997, 14’)

for accordion and percussion

Julien Mégroz (*1986) – Rocade de pions sur piste tournante (2015, 7’)
for four performers